Interlocking Device


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MRL Features

  • Permanently mounted on valve or gearbox
  • Mechanical counter (optional for high rotation, 2.000 +)
  • No grease or other lubrication required
  • Ingress protection of key slots by self sealing weather strips
  • Single key lock, in locked open or locked closed position
  • Double key lock, in locked open or locked closed position
  • Minimum of components to make the internal mechanism less vulnerable
  • Seconf safety; integrated second safety to prevent unlocking with an unauthorized object other than the designated linear key


  • No alterations to host valve required
  • Custom made bracket and adaptor for mounting to the valve
  • Original nut is used if possible
  • Can be mounted in a live plant
  • For setting the open and closed position, it is required to fully open and fully close the valve

MRL can be mounted on each size of valve, however to a maximum drivebush diameter of 82 mm. Above that size, a customized interlock is provided


  • Linear keys
  • Uniquely coded
  • Key codes are registered, for easy replacement and to avoid use of duplicate keys
  • Spare keys available
  • Coloured tagplates

Master key and master key cabinet

One key to fit all locks in an area, process, division (group key) or every individual lock (master key).
The cabinet is lockable to prevent unauthorized use and has a glass window that can be broken in case of emergrncy.

Q-card commissioning keys

Allows the lock to be opened or closed regardless of the sequence, e.g. during pressure testing. After testing the Q-card will be removed and replaced by the properly coded key. One Q-card for each key position is installed in our factory, and cannot be re-used once removed. There is no need for master keys or spares during installation and testing, which could jeopardize the plant safety at alater stage.